Vice President of Technology

JOB PURPOSE AND REPORTING STRUCTURE The Vice President of Technology will be responsible for planning, directing, funding and coordinating innovation and technology activities (research, development, and engineering) for Materion Precision Coatings, on a global / regional basis, in support of agreed business objectives and strategies (both customer and market driven). The span of responsibility and accountability includes leading research and innovation in new product, process development and technology enhancement, including both market and customer driven solutions. This role is responsible for coordinating work amongst the various functions involved, and for ensuring that research, development and engineering objectives support the One Materion strategy, mission and vision. This role will have direct influence on the Materion Innovation Playbook, "iFlow" Stage-Gate process, "IdeaBank" Project Portfolio. This person will have oversight for the technology, R&D and innovation function within Materion Precision Coatings across the global enterprise.  He / she will execute the role through interaction with direct reports and regional teams primarily located at Materion Centers of Excellence globally.  The VP of Technology will serve on the Materion Innovation & Technology Council and report jointly to the BU President (or regional President) and Chief Technology and Marketing Officer (CTMO). It is expected that the VP of Technology will have an approximate split of 50% / 50% in regards to strategic business focus / Innovation & technology focus. The VP of Technology will work closely with his / her peers and be a core member of the BU President's and CTMO's Leadership Team to ensure that the longer-term interests of the company are balanced with annual objectives.  Key Relationships: Reports to: BU President & CTMO Direct reports: TBD (Dependent upon BU structure) Other key relationships: Vice President, Finance        Vice President, Operations                                     Vice President, Human Resources                                     Vice President, Commercial                                     Vice President, Marketing ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES Collaborates with BU Leader and peers to develop business strategies.  In conjunction with the CTO /CMO establishes the BU Innovation / Technology strategy in support of the One Materion vision. Ensures that longer-term issues are appropriately addressed. Owns the communication and position of the Materion's mission, vision and strategies within the function to achieve alignment and engagement. Responsible for the development and optimization of talent in the department. Creates the culture for Innovation, with an appropriate balance of creativity and entrepreneurship, while maintaining safety and ethics and delivering results. Planning, directing, funding and coordinating research, development, engineering and technology systems / processes for the BU on a global basis. Working with support of peers, collects, analyses and publishes agreed Product Portfolio and R&D Metrics on a monthly basis. Ensures that the Materion Innovation Playbook is used efficiently to manage all product and process development activities, including establishing appropriate priorities to maximize resource efficiency and return on investment.  Ensures that the IP activities are in line and support agreed strategies. Manages Team to meet new product development objectives. Ensures there is an agreed pipeline of development activities and that it is transparent to relevant leaders. EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE A post-graduate degree in a relevant material science or engineering field (PhD ideal). Broad global business experience is preferred (MBA a plus). 15+ years' experience in senior leadership position with significant interaction in the executive suite.  Previous experience in leading R&D funding, development, prioritization and key leadership decisions. Global experience in technology and new business development is preferred Experience in photonics, coatings, thin film technology, optics and optical components preferred 2018-2457
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
15+ years

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